Stray Dog Dozed Off On His Rescuer’s Shoulder Once He Knew He Was Safe

What do you do when you see a stray dog living on the street? You help in any way you can, of course, and this is exactly what Anand Raman did on one hot day in Dubai. Anand spotted a stray dog barely hanging on to life, all curled up under a parked car, surviving on scraps of food. Anand knew immediately what needed to be done, a little TLC goes a long way, he thought.


The web has turned out to be known as a factory for delivering clever and strange recordings. Without precedent for history, everybody can share content on a worldwide stage. While a few people choose to discharge creative or politically-persuaded work, others choose to film entertaining minutes caught during their day by day life.

For reasons unknown, these kinds of recordings are the most pleasant. Individuals appreciate seeing ludicrous and peculiar clasps of someone else’s life on the web. This is a piece of living in the 21st century. From time to time, a video is hilarious to the point that it turns into a moment exemplary that is discussed for a considerable length of time. This was the situation for an unassuming clasp of a couple spending time with their two pets.

Because this pup may have lived a long time on the street, Anand thought that adjusting life indoors was going to be tough for the pup, but that wasn’t the case. As soon as the pup realized he was safe, he adjusted pretty fast! The pup would run back to Anand’s apartment complex whenever he used to go out on a walk with Anand, all because he was afraid to be abandoned again. Anand stated that it took Snowy a while to realize he was never going to be abandoned again.

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