Singer Arrested After Bringing Home ‘Dog’ That She Later Realized Was A Bear

Zarith Sofia Yasin, a Malaysian artist, has been captured after she safeguarded what she at first idea was a pooch, just to later acknowledge it was really a sun bear fledgling, a species that is secured in Malaysia. Yasin was driving on a dim street when she saw a debilitated creature in favor of the street who appeared as though he needed assistance. When she previously helped him, she thought he was a canine. Indeed, even after acknowledging he was a bear, she took him home to help out him recover his quality and chose to name him Bruno.

She explained to The Star that she planned on turning him over to a zoo, but wanted to help him get healthy first. “I was worried about sending Bruno to the zoo (while it was ill) because the animals there look skinny,” she said. Yasin claims that she took good care of the bear, feeding him good food and didn’t keep him caged. She also dismisses any rumors about her running a business selling wildlife. “I know the bear cannot be reared, it can’t be kept as a pet… I only wanted to save the bear, I had no intention of exploiting it,” Yasin told The Star.

Yasin’s demonstration is presently being censured by a huge number of individuals via web-based networking media. “Expectation individuals don’t locate this amusing,” one individual composed. “It’s terrible misery for the infant bear to wind up in a situation so remote without its mom. Where is the mother? Bear moms are exceedingly defensive of their children, they don’t surrender them, so have a problem solving attitude, what is the destiny of the mother bear now?” Residents of the apartment suite thought they heard neighbors shouting, yet then acknowledged it was an infant bear when they saw him jabbing his head out of her window, apparently attempting to get away. Neighbors at that point called the experts who came to research further.

Yasin has since been arrested by the Wildlife and National Parks Department for illegally keeping a sun bear cub in her Kuala Lumpur condo. The bear, who is around six months old, is under the care of the Department of Wildlife. Sun bears are a protected species under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997, and are listed as Vulnerable to Extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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