Retiree Refused To Leave His Pups Behind On Trips So He Built Big Kayak

As a resigned orthopedic specialist, David Bahnson had a ton of time staring him in the face to unwind and do what he cherished most: kayaking. The main drawback was that taking his cherished puppies alongside him demonstrated to be troublesome… so he chose to make a custom answer for Susie and Ginger, his lovely Golden Retrievers.

He ordered a boat kit from Pygmy Boats, but made a few very important modifications. Instead of letting the pups sit with him in the “cockpit,” he decided to make two different seats for them.

That way, the pooches could securely hop out of the kayak on the off chance that they have to — and they wouldn’t be in their father’s way in the event that he expected to paddle. The great young ladies took to drifting like ducks to water! They were prepared to get in the kayak, plunk down, and set themselves up for a sea-going experience. At that point, at whatever point their father would paddle them to shore, they would calmly hold up until he revealed to them it was alright to land.

Thankfully, even if there was an accident on the water, the dogs were enthusiastic and strong swimmers, so David was never worried (although he did bring life vests along for the dogs).

Unfortunately, since David build this custom doggo-kayak, both Susie and Ginger have passed away. But, he had such a blast on the water with his two girls, the retired surgeon is already training a new pup to go out on adventures with him!

As long as you can do it safely, taking your dog along with you on an outdoor adventure is a treat! They know how to make almost every situation better. Plus, who could say no to a paddling break filled with snuggles and wet kisses?

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