Labrador Clings To Owner During Hug After Surgery

When a pet-parent is faced with the prospect of their dog having to undergo surgery, it can be absolutely nerve-racking. That is exactly what happened to this man, who got the news that his dog had a lump on his neck and had to undergo emergency surgery.

The man didn’t leave the medical clinic for the total of the medical procedure and trusted that his best amigo will come back to him. Also, when he did, it was a sight that carried tears to our eyes. In this post-medical procedure get-together video, we can see the canine grasping his father after the medical procedure.

As the camera zooms in, we can see the fastens from the medical procedure in favor of the pooch’s neck.The man and pooch can’t quit embracing one another. The father is so glad his canine endured, he can’t quit kissing him.

This minute is so contacting, it will make them go after the tissues. Snap the video underneath to watch this sweet minute among man and his closest companion.The man and dog can’t stop hugging each other. The dad is so happy his dog made it through, he can’t stop kissing him. This moment is so touching, it will have you reaching for the tissues. Click the video below to watch this sweet moment between man and his best friend.

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