Family Checks Security Camera Footage And Sees A Bear Playing The Piano

Musicians come in all shapes, sizes and apparently species, according to footage captured on a home surveillance camera. A bear broke into a Vail, Colo., loft a week ago and tried the piano keys subsequent to taking nourishment from the cooler, as per an announcement from the Vail Police Department. As indicated by the announcement, the individual who leases the loft called police to report a presumed robbery.

An officer who reacted to the call discovered some minor harm, and gathered that a mountain bear likely entered the home through an open kitchen window. The occupant later checked her home security film and recognized the bear. In the video, the bear strolled around the loft and later put its paws on the keys and played a couple of notes.

“The harmonies caught on video were excruciating and the tune was similarly grizzly,” police said in the statement.A Colorado family returned home to discover their home destroyed, so they immediately considered the police and announced a theft. But the intruder turned out to be no burglar…

From the press release: “The bear was seen wandering around the apartment and at one point went to a piano putting its paws on the keys playing a few notes. The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly, according to police.”

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