Ozzy the pit bull gets his own litter of kittens

Some animals just adore other animals. They’re uncommon pets and frequently will in general raise, solace and bolster different creatures whenever given the opportunity. One family as of late found that their pooch was glad to go about as mother to another litter of little cats. Ozzy the pit bull has constantly adored felines.

At the point when his family received him three years back, Ozzy was enchanted to discover he had another feline sibling, Norm. Shockingly, Norm wasn’t as enchanted with Ozzy as Ozzy was with the feline, and Norm advised Ozzy to remain away.But Ozzy didn’t abandon discovering love. He built up an incredible bond with the family’s 5-year-old child, and the two are currently closest companions.

Ozzy additionally exhibited his adoration for feet, licking exposed feet enthusiastically.Ozzy likewise cherishes infants and other individuals. Actually, he’s friendly to the point that his mother, Jennifer Lajeniss, jokes that he’d cheerfully help looters break in and even hold their spotlight for them. Ozzy is an excessively sweet soul. In spite of the fact that Ozzy has a human family that worships him, his affection for felines has never melted away.

At the point when Lajeniss took in Winnie, a pregnant stray feline, Ozzy at last got the catlike family he so needed. Winnie brought forth five little cats, and Ozzy has given them consideration ever since.Ozzy is inconceivably mindful to the cats. On the off chance that they cry, he’ll race over to beware of and comfort them. At the point when he’s interfacing with the little cats, he wags constantly his tail.

Fortunately for Ozzy, the inclination is shared and the cats love him, as well. They slither everywhere throughout the charmed canine who licks them and sways his tail eagerly. Indeed, even Winnie likes Ozzy and most likely acknowledges the break in thinking about her little cats.As the kittens age and are ready to be adopted, four of them will be offered up to adoptive homes, but there’s good news for Ozzy. Winnie and one of her kittens will remain with the family so he will still have two cats to care for.

Ozzie loves kittens

It's been very busy kitten season this year- our shelters have been at max capacity and begging for fosters. So when we put out our plea, one ACPB Alum jumped at the opportunity. "Kittenz, bring me ALLLLLL the kittenz!" exclaimed Ozzy.These little ones are almost ready for adoption. If you live in LA and you are interested in a fuzzy little kitten of your own, feel free to email us at adopt@angelcitypits.org, and we'll pass your message along to Ozzy and his mom, who will be handling the applications. #angelcitypits #NKLA

Posted by Angel City Pit Bulls on Thursday, September 21, 2017

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