Marathon Runner Rescues Puppy, Carrying Him 19 Miles To The Finish Line

A long distance runner wound up winning an alternate prize after she recognized a lost little dog halfway through a race. Sprinter Khemjira Klongsanun was taking an interest in the Chombueng long distance race in Ratchaburi, Western Thailand, when she saw sprinters avoiding a little dog seven miles into the race.

Seeing that there were no houses, individuals or different mutts in the region she chose to stop and keep an eye on the doggie. The little dog, a bangkaew (Thai wolf hound) was trembling and alone, yet she figured out how to cajole him over to her.Concerned for his security, and acknowledging he was lost or relinquished, Khemjira got the puppy and proceeded on the race, running 19 miles with the young doggie in her arms. Another long distance runner got a quick look at her running with the young doggie and recorded her running with the pup.”It appeared to me that this little person was lost.

There were no houses, no different canines, or no individuals around. In this way, I grabbed the young doggie, if just to remove him from the risky condition,” Khemjira told the press afterwards.She said that saving the pup required additional exertion: “Running very nearly 20 miles conveying pooch was really a test.

It was multiple times tiring than a typical long distance race however I did it in any case since he is delightful.”She put out word to try and see if the pup was indeed lost, but no one stepped forward so she decided to adopt the puppy herself. She named him “Chombeueng” after the name of the marathon and he’s joined her two other dogs at her home.

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