Homeowner calls 911 after discovering 11-foot alligator in kitchen

An unwelcome guest popped into the home of a Florida resident. An 11-foot alligator busted through some low windows in the home and entered the kitchen. It’s not clear if it was hungry, but it sure gave the homeowners a scare. They promptly called 911, Clearwater police said. “I have a tremendous crocodile who is sitting in my kitchen, an enormous one,” the property holder says in the call.

A trapper was called to the scene and the creature was captured.A Florida lady quickly called 911 after she found a 11-foot long gator in the kitchen of her Clearwater home. While she at first idea the croc had experienced her carport, notably, it had crushed through a low window meandered inside.

The nearby paper conveyance lady had seen the crocodile lashing out before the apartment suite perplexing and afterward heard an uproarious accident. The 911 dispatcher who picked up the telephone was stunned to hear there was a crocodile inside her home and asked again to twofold watch that he was hearing her effectively.

Soon after, a trapper came to remove the gator from the home, but the gator managed to make a grand exit. Before the trapper caught the alligator, he knocked over a nearby wine shelf, which caused a few bottles to fall and break, leaving a pool of wine on the floor as a parting gift.The alligator has been safely relocated and was unharmed aside from minor cuts. Thankfully, no one in the house was injured. Watch the video below to hear the unusual 911 call:

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