Mom Tells Frenchie The Dog Park Is Closed and Pup Throws Tantrum In Protest

Walter Geoffrey the French Bulldog lives with his mother, Amber, in Austin, Texas. He looks as sweet as pie, yet some of the time he can be cheeky. Furthermore, he has the mouth to demonstrate it! When he and his mother were in the vehicle, she obligingly disclosed to him that the canine park was shut. In any case, Walter wasn’t having any of that. He needed to go the pooch park and he needed to go NOW.

Walter began having a tantrum, groaning and crying at his mother. His emergency goes from shrill wails and in the end changes to a profound, furious tone. Golden instructs him to quit interfering with her, yet Walter keeps on challenging. She attempts to clarify that the reason they can’t go to the recreation center is on the grounds that they’re splashing for bugs. As she’s disclosing to him that, he calms down and his ears liven up to “park.” He at last stopped his hissy fit and tuned in to what his mother needed to say.

Amber posted this lovable emergency on Facebook, which circulated around the web with in excess of 22 million perspectives. However, this isn’t Walter’s first video to become a web sensation. Golden posts a wide range of recordings of Walter on their Facebook and Instagram page.This also isn’t the first time that Walter has thrown a temper tantrum.

He may be a small dog, but he definitely has a big attitude, and he isn’t afraid to let that show! Amber describes Walter as the “hottest mess,” living in “Meltdown city at the corner of Unstable and Emotionally Over-Dramatic.”

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