Judge Asks Dog To Settle Case By Revealing Its True Owner

Dogs know their people and those bonds can never be broken. That’s why Judge Judy decided to take a unique approach to ruling on a case involving a stolen dog named Baby Boy.


The defendant wasn’t actually the person who stole the dog, but rather they purchased the pup off of someone else for $50. But when the true owner found out what happened and the buyers refused to relinquish their new pet, he took them to court.

Judge Judy’s court.Despite the new owner insisting that the dog they purchased is rightfully theirs, Judge Judy decided to hand over the verdict to the Baby Boy himself. And the little white poodle mix pup made the ruling an easy one.

In a clip that’s now been viewed almost 4 million times, Judge Judy orders the defendant to go and get the dog. She looks unsure, but doesn’t have much of a choice.While a family member goes to fetch Baby Boy, the buyer tries to ply the judge with documents from the vet explaining the age of the dog. She argues that the dog can’t belong to the plaintiff because a vet told her that the dog is a different age than the man says.

But Judge Judy quickly points out that nothing a vet can say can prove who a dog truly belongs to.In this case, possession is not in the defendant’s favor and it’s clear that whoever the dog runs to once it’s put down in the courtroom is going to be deemed the rightful owner.

As the woman brings the little dog in, he looks calm enough in her arms. Then Judge Judy says: “Madame, listen to me carefully: Put the dog down! Put the dog down.”It’s an emotional moment as the two are reunited and there are plenty of tears.

But the defendant doesn’t give up immediately and instead futilely insists the dog does that to everyone. But Judge Judy is not buying it and neither is the courtroom which erupts in applause as the dog bolts to his owner.

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