Woman Can’t Decide Which Dog To Save So She Buys Shelter

Danielle Eden is a kind-hearted animal lover who has spent her life-saving dogs in dire conditions. Eden is the co-founder of the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario. Eden saves dogs who are trapped in cages and brings them to her beautiful, 50-acre rural sanctuary.Eden and her husband Rob are originally from Israel, and the two regularly go back to the country to rescue dogs and bring them to their sanctuary.

“On our trips to Israel we visit local shelters and work with the staff and volunteers to make lists of 10-20 dogs at a time to bring to our rescue. On these trips we look for the difficult cases – dogs that are senior, dogs that have disabilities, and dogs that have been waiting for a home the longest. Making these lists is gut wrenching , however it is usually quite clear which dogs need our help the most,” Eden wrote on Facebook.In 2016, Eden and Rob embarked on one of these trips to Israel.

They decided to visit a rural shelter that was overcrowded. While Eden has seen many dogs in dire straits, nothing could have prepared her for what she found in this shelter.The shelter had 250 dogs, even though they only had the capacity for 70 dogs. The poor dogs were jammed into too-small kennels. There was mud everywhere, and there wasn’t enough food for all the dogs.

“There were as many as 6 dogs in each cage, all fighting over the loaves of bread that they were being fed. Rats were everywhere, and the dogs, most of whom had been there for years, were terrified. For once, it was not obvious to us which dogs needed us the most.

They all needed us,” Eden wrote.Eden and her husband quickly decided that they were going to save all of these dogs. They bought the shelter, and then, they began transporting the dogs back to Canada.

Eden assembled a team in Israel to help them out. In the two months after they bought the shelter, they were able to get 90 dogs to Canada. Then, in the following months, they brought the other 150 dogs to their sanctuary.


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