Dog lonely in mountains gets rescued

The security officers rushed the puppy to Bethel Animal Hospital in Bethel, Maine. The veterinarians were shocked by the poor animal’s injuries. Veterinarian technician Kathy Farren told WMTW: “I just burst into tears. He looked pretty pathetic when he first walked in.”

The veterinarians named the puppy Blue, and they did surgery to repair his lips and remove dead tissue. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Blue began to heal! Bethel Animal Hospital posted photos of Blue to their social media pages, and they immediately received an outpouring of support.

They got gifts for Blue’s restorative expenses, and they additionally had numerous individuals requesting to embrace Blue. Bethel Animal Hospital realized Blue was going to locate an incredible new everlastingly home. “”[He’s] in all respects neighborly, friendly. [He] wants to give kisses, knows a few directions,” Farren said. “He’s been adored by someone sooner or later in time. I think he is a warrior, I believe he will be okay.” Once Blue was recuperated, he moved to his new home, where they invited him with a sweet sign.They received donations for Blue’s medical costs, and they also had many people asking to adopt Blue. Bethel Animal Hospital knew Blue was going to find a great new forever home. “”[He’s] very friendly, very outgoing. [He] loves to give kisses, knows some commands,” Farren said. “He’s been loved by somebody at some point in time. I think he is a fighter, I think he’s going to be just fine.” Once Blue was healed, he moved to his new home, where they welcomed him with a sweet sign.

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