Puppy Is Sad At Shelter, She Reunites With The Firefighter Who Saved Her

The delightful little guy you’re going to meet couldn’t be increasingly eager to be brought together with the man who spared her life. Chunkie was so excited to rejoin with fireman Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, CA.

Mike as of late found poor people, wiped out little dog tied up in the downpour. There was nobody around to guarantee her — nobody ensuring she was sheltered subsequent to being disregarded all outside in the components. Mike tidied her up and conveyed her to Front Street Animal Shelter for some truly necessary therapeutic consideration.

The awesome staff started treating her mange, and she appreciated being wearing a comfortable attire to ensure her skin. Chunkie was so upbeat to be spared from disregard, however she had shaped such a solid bond with Mike that she officially missed him when he dropped her off at the haven and afterward left. But the following day, Mike returned to the shelter to visit his grateful new friend.

The reunion is absolutely incredible. Now, he’s speaking to his family about fostering Chunkie! Followers have their fingers crossed that Mike gets the approval he needs and will soon be taking Chunkie home. This video is further proof that pit bulls don’t have to grow up to be violent or aggressive.

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