Dog Develops His Own Language When He Learns He’s Heading To The Park

It’s no secret that dogs love going to the park. Just like little kids who can’t contain their excitement for the toy store, dogs don’t hold back when they learn they are going to a place where they can play with some other dogs and smell lots of smells! But as for the Labrador in the video below, he seems to have come up with his very own language to celebrate this occasion.

The dog is just riding along in the backseat when Dad asks, “Do you want to go to the park?” And that’s when it happens. The dog unleashes a flurry of noises unknown to the human ear. That’s certainly not barking, and it’s not English! Too funny and too cute.Labradors are very friendly companions and are also great working dogs.

They love to spend time with their families and are always ready to show lots of love. Not only is this labrador happy he can play around at the park, but he is also happy because he gets to spend more time with his family, yay! Labradors are also a pretty decent size so they are great cuddle buddies, so awesome!

Watching this cute pooch show real excitement to the news that he is going to the park is absolutely precious! He acts like a little child being given his favorite toy or finding out he is going to Disneyland! Dogs are masters is showing emotion, so much that we cannot say no to them! Cuteness overload!

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