Little Girl Plays With 14 German Shepherds

We’re not positive what Heaven resembles, yet we’re almost certain it may look something like this! Five-year-old Pernille was having a great time while playing with 14 German Shepherds in Norway. Indeed, you read that right – 14!Pernille turned out to be an incredible pooch whisperer as the pack of shepherds encompassed her.

She tossed grass into the air and observed a portion of the German Shepherds jump up as high as they could to get the cutting edges that were falling. While numerous individuals figure German Shepherds could be risky with children, this video demonstrates something else. Whenever raised right and associated at a youthful age, these pooches are in reality all around agreeable and cherishing creatures and make the ideal pet for a family.As indicated by Canine Weekly, German Shepherds are very astute pooches and are great around offspring all things considered, because of their quiet and minding demeanor.

Watch Pernille play with every last bit of her German Shepherd companions in the video beneath:According to Canine Weekly, German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs and are good around children of all ages, due to their calm and caring temperament. Watch Pernille play with all of her German Shepherd friends in the video below:

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