Dog Steals Owner’s Suitcase To Prevent Him From Going On A Trip

In the event that you’ve at any point gone on a trek and didn’t take your pooch along, you know the blame that can pursue. Mutts are commonly not cheerful when a bag turns out and they ‘know’ they won’t tag along. For one Labrador Retriever, he chose to bring matters into his very own paws… and mouth.

This puppy has the absolute slickest moves we’ve at any point seen, and his proprietor was sufficiently shrewd to catch everything on record. The pooch is determined to keep his proprietor from leaving, beginning with pulling the bag from the kitchen past the doggy door.

Furthermore, he doesn’t stop there! This Lab is keen enough to drop the bag onto the rug, turn it systematically, and afterward drag it into his pet hotel! “Hello Bob, you aren’t going anyplace,” his forsaken eyes appear to state. The pooch is on a mission to prevent his owner from leaving, starting with pulling the suitcase from the kitchen past the doggy gate.

And he doesn’t stop there! This Lab is smart enough to drop the suitcase onto the carpet, turn it methodically, and then drag it into his kennel! “Hey Bob, you aren’t going anywhere,” his pitiful eyes seem to be saying. Dogs are often one step ahead of us humans, and this is yet another case of a smart pup. Watch the cute video below.

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