Cat Visits Neighbor’s House Looking For Deceased Dog Friend

For quite a long time, a feline named Baby Gray had a far-fetched closest companion: a little white puppy named Gracie. Gracie was an American Eskimo hound who lived with her proprietor Shea Belew Brennaman in Decatur, Alabama.

Brennaman got Gracie when she was a young doggie, and the pooch immediately demonstrated that she was a shrewd, mindful creature. At the point when Gracie was only eight months old, she spared Brennaman from a water shoe. Gracie would really do anything for the general population and creatures she adored! Gracie adored hanging out in her terrace more than everything else on the planet. She adored making companions with every one of the creatures who went through the yard, from rabbits to squirrels.

At some point, Baby Gray jumped over the fence between their homes. Gracie’s tail began swaying as she saw the feline strolling over. “Gracie acknowledged her into our yard quickly and the two turned out to be quick companions,” Brennaman revealed to The Dodo. Baby Grey started coming into Gracie’s yard more and more. Gracie always looked forward to the cat’s visits.

The two spent their time sunbathing and enjoying snacks together. “We would leave Gracie tomatoes on our porch, as they were her favorite treat, and she would share them with the cat, which was a huge deal because Gracie was very particular about sharing food,” Brennaman said. In October 2017, Brennaman noticed that 12-year-old Gracie was starting to get tired easily, and she was also moving much slower than usual. Brennaman took Gracie to the vet and learned the dog had terminal cancer.

Brennaman was devasted by the news—she couldn’t imagine losing her sweet dog. Gracie spent her last month of life in her favorite spot: the back porch. Baby Grey came by almost every day. They laid down next to each other and enjoyed the time they had left together. “Baby Grey came to see her several times in her last days,” Brennaman said.

“They had that kind of connection where nothing needed to be said or done. They just wanted to be with each other.” Gracie passed away in November 2017, about a month after her diagnosis. But Baby Grey didn’t stop coming by after Gracie left. In fact, she started showing up outside Brennaman’s window every day. She would stare inside for about 20 minutes, looking for Gracie. When Gracie didn’t appear, she would lay down in the spot where she and Gracie usually napped together.

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