Dad’s Riding The Train To Work, And His Dog Comes Up And Sits Beside Him

No one misses us when we leave like our pets. And one dog missed his owner so much, he decided to follow him all the way to work but his owner couldn’t figure out how he escaped the backyard.Thomas McCormack was sitting on his train, when his dog, Paddy, just hopped up and sat down next to him. The two completed a video reenactment to indicate what happened.

McCormack said he didn’t have even an inkling how Paddy got away until neighbors disclosed to him they spotted Paddy utilizing a trampoline to jump over the six-foot terrace fence.Then the pooch figured out how to discover the train station and Thomas. Father got a remarkable shock one day while riding the train to work when his pooch came up and sat close to him! He didn’t know what was going on but later found out through the neighbors that the dog was using the trampoline to escape the yard. Can you imagine? See what the dog’s owner had to say here: Dogs just can’t help themselves! They love us so much they’ll do anything to be with us, and it’s just so flattering and heartwarming. Man’s Best Friend forever and ever! What do you think?

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