Ancient 512-Year-Old Shark Discovered, It’s The World’s Oldest Living Vertebrate

Researchers investigating the North Atlantic Ocean as of late discovered an old Greenland shark, assessed to be around 512 years old. This would make the shark the most established living vertebrate on the planet!The sea life researcher who are in charge of such information, measure the measure of radiocarbon in the eye focal points of the sharks, to decide their conceivable ages.

This method helped the scientists to make sense of that this shark was conceived at some point in the sixteenth century. That would make him more seasoned than William Shakespeare! The researchers credit their life span to an exceptionally moderate digestion and the virus waters that they possess. These sharks literally remain kids for about 150 years. So, by the time they mature, centuries have passed! Another interesting fact found in the research was the genetic similarity in sharks from all around the world.

This implies that they have all originated from one place, then migrated over the years.Scientists are elated at this discovery, as they see sharks as “living time capsules”, which could help them understand the human impact on ocean life, and in the process develop appropriate conservation plans for the rare species.Click the video below to watch the unbelievable details of the story of this ancient shark!

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