Cat Superhero Defends Canine Friend Against Neighborhood Bully

While out for a walk one fine bright day, a puppy and his proprietor ceased to make proper acquaintance with a neighbor. The neighbor happened to be a feline, and the canine ran nose-to-nose with his catlike companion. Fortunately, the canine’s mother caught the whole love fest on record. In merely seconds subsequently, things got ugly. Similarly as the feline wraps up her holding session with the canine, all of a sudden a Border Collie comes zooming without hesitation.

The Border Collie took off after the feline’s canine companion, yet that is the point at which the genuine activity kicked in. The feline bounced off her roost and pursued the Border Collie. Not only that, but the cat chased the dog all around the neighborhood, and the dog was clearly afraid of the cat! The woman filming this episode could not control her laughter, and when you see the video you’ll see why. That cat was trying to teach the Border Collie a lesson. We’re certain the tough kitty got his message across loud and clear.

That, however the feline pursued the puppy all around the area, and the pooch was obviously terrified of the feline! The lady recording this scene couldn’t control her chuckling, and when you see the video you’ll see why. That feline was attempting to show the Border Collie a thing or two. We’re sure the intense kitty communicated as the need should arise noisy and clear.

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