Jealous Husky Throws Tantrum When His Owner Pets A Cat

A few people would state that creatures don’t have a clue how to be envious, however they are basically off-base. Much the same as kin get envious of one another for toys and consideration, canines can without much of a stretch end up desirous of different creatures you may possess. Particularly if that other creature is a feline. At that point they get very envious! Similarly as the Husky in this clever video!

Huskies are naturally curious animals and they are not afraid of challenges. You may find your husky competing with other pets and that is because they don’t like to share their owner’s attention with no one! Make sure to give them plenty of love and affection so they can be happy and satisfied! While most of our four-legged friends will bark or whine to get something they want, there’s always going to be a couple of dogs who will end up throwing a temper tantrum instead!

Goat, the super jealous husky really doesn’t want the cat on the couch getting all the attention. The owner was petting the cat and the dog didn’t liked the view. He tried to make his owner pet him by making puppy eyes, but he fails in his mission. The envious dog then proceeds to plan B. He turns over and removes the cat out of his owner’s lap. The woman is surprised by the dog’s reaction, but the husky is satisfied for having it his way.

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