Dog Refuses To Leave House Fire, Firefighters Realize He’s Protecting Four Tiny Friends Inside

In Melbourne, Australia, a puppy named Leo took a chance with his life to spare four infant cats from a house fire. The Jack Russell blend was found by firemen lying oblivious on the floor. However, when they lifted him up to protect him, they couldn’t trust their eyes. The firemen discovered infant cats covered up underneath the pooch’s body.

The pooch had utilized his very own body to shield them from the flame and smoke to guard them. Fortunately for them, help touched base in time.Firefighters carried the kittens and adopted canine dad outside and gave Leo oxygen. After a few moments, he regained consciousness. Miraculously, no one was hurt, including Leo, the kittens, the homeowners and the firemen. We’d like to send a special thank you to first responders as well as Leo for a job well done, and for their commitment to keep others safe from harm!

Firemen conveyed the little cats and embraced canine father outside and gave Leo oxygen. After a couple of minutes, he recovered cognizance. Marvelously, nobody was harmed, including Leo, the little cats, the mortgage holders and the firemen. We’d like to send an uncommon thank you to people on call just as Leo for work well done, and for their responsibility to protect others from mischief!

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