Brilliant Dog Problem Solves, Leaves Owner Stunned

11-month-old Zena proves that dogs can think laterally by working out how to over come an obstacle. If only she could clean up the mess she is about to make!11-month-old Zena is a brilliant pup. A considerable lot of us have seen proof in amusing recordings that hounds leave something to be desired at spacial mindfulness when attempting to convey expansive sticks up stairways, onto decks, into vehicles and through entryways!

Yet, Zena is on the ball in connection to her friends with regards to critical thinking. After 2 fizzled endeavors to convey a substantial stick inside, she puts the stick down and you can start to see the wheels turning in her mind. She picks the stick up by one end and proceeds to walk her small tree right inside the house, much to the surprise of her owner who shouts “Hey!” Zena is a perfect example that all problems, no matter how big or small, can be solved with time and a little ingenuity. Sometimes we just need to step back and relax and think instead of trying to force a square peg through a round hole.

Or a small tree through a narrow doorway!She lifts the stick up by one end and continues to walk her little tree directly inside the house, a lot to the amazement of her proprietor who yells “Hey!” Zena is an ideal precedent that all issues, regardless of how huge or little, can be tackled with time and a little creativity. Here and there we simply need to venture back and unwind and consider rather endeavoring to drive a square peg through a round opening. Or then again a little tree through a restricted entryway!

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