Floyd The Dog Has A Picture Of Himself On His Ear, And People Can’t Unsee It

Exactly when Emily Beaston pondered her three-year-old delicate mammoth, an image uncovered something about her puppy she never figured it out. Also, presently she can’t unsee it! Emily’s sweetheart, Corey, snapped an image of Floyd while at the recreation center, and the ideal edge joined with the ideal position of the puppy’s ear made for a tremendous surprise!

Corey utilized the photograph as his profile picture on Facebook, and that is the point at which his companions saw the selfie of the pooch without anyone else ear. “Once people noticed it on Facebook, a few (including Corey) were genuinely surprised and couldn’t ‘unsee’ the dog face on Floyd’s ear,” Emily told The Dodo.

“Between people who couldn’t see the ear face at all to others who seemed genuinely freaked out by it, the responses were all quite entertaining!” Emily then took to Reddit to share the image, and one person there tried to help those out who had trouble seeing it by tracing over the dog’s face.Once you see it, you’ll always see it! It’s funny how this dog’s special markings came together with just the right pose to create the optical illusion! Can you see it? What do you think about it? Did you realize where it is?

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