Cat Clings To Woman Who Can’t Take Him Home

At the point when Andy Brumagen and Jessica Parken strolled past a pet shop and saw an adoptable feline in the window, they couldn’t avoid halting in to make proper acquaintance. The two feline darlings strolled in and inquired as to whether they could hold the cat. The pet storekeeper removed the feline from his apartment suite and offered him to Parken. To Parken’s stun, the feline clung to her neck and declined to give up! Parken hadn’t anticipated that the feline should be so amicable—obviously he adored nestling and love.

Parken likewise hadn’t expected to fall for the feline so rapidly, yet the second he embraced her, she began to look all starry eyed at him. She nicknamed him ‘Clutch.’Unfortunately, Parken and Brumagen couldn’t adopt the cat themselves. The two had a 19-year-old cat and a three-year-old son at home, and Clutch’s profile said that he wasn’t good with other cats or children. Even though Parken and Brumagen loved Clutch, they had to take his needs into consideration, and they knew their home wasn’t the right place for him.


Since Brumagen and Parken couldn’t take Clutch home themselves, they decided to try and find the right forever home for him instead. Brumagen posted a video of Parken holding the cat to a local Facebook group in Kenmore, Washington. The video showed Clutch hugging Parken and nuzzling her neck—it was a great example of sweet Clutch was. “I’m just in Heaven right now. What a sweetheart,” Bracken said in the video as Clutch hugged her. The video quickly went viral—people throughout Kenmore fell in love with Clutch.

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