Dog Stuck At Shelter Over 400 Days – Keeps Getting Returned For Weird Reasons

In 2017 at five years old years old, Mona the Staffordshire Terrier was taken to the creature shield. Her family was moving and unfit to take her with them. In spite of the fact that protect laborers began to look all starry eyed at her, the pooch’s way forward would not be easy.The sweet doggo gone through 420 days at the creature shield before somebody embraced her.

Tragically, they restored her the following day expressing alternate mutts in the family didn’t care for Mona.Again, Mona would get embraced yet uh oh, the family’s girl was oversensitive to her. Things appeared to be extremely grim since Mona got returned through no blame of her own.Things had all the earmarks of being amazingly terrible since Mona got returned through no fault of her own.

In an interview with The Dodo , Brenda Arceo, adoption manager for The Animal Foundation, a shelter in Las Vegas, said, When we first saw her come back into the intake area, she was actually very happy and wagging her tail. But once she realized that she was back where she was, she kind of sat down and looked sad.” The rescue workers want her to find a happy, forever home, so if it is you, visit the adoption page to learn more

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