Mother Dog Makes Heart-Wrenching Cries For Help After Car Runs Over Her Puppy

A group of stray mutts had been living by a street side in La Paz town of the Philippines. Local people adored them as “network pets”, until a lamentable episode shook the family and the neighborhood.One day, the mother hound was searching for nourishment of course, when one of her doggies strayed. Before she could take the young doggie back to wellbeing, a passing vehicle ruthlessly pounded the pup, and did not by any means try to stop to keep an eye on the little dog.Mother dog shrieked in terror as she saw her motionless baby.

She frantically ran back-and-forth after the passing cars, asking them for help. But the mother’s heart-breaking cries went unheard in the busy street.This painful video was taken by a local shopkeeper, who recognized the barks and rushed to help, but was unable to cross the heavy traffic. The unattended puppy eventually died before help arrived.This wasn’t the first dog hit-and-run case of the area.

Since then, the stray family has disappeared from the locality. The locals hope to locate the family to provide them with better shelter. This was very hard to watch. Our hearts go out to this stray dog family.Click the video below to watch the mother dog’s excruciating cries for help on the busy street.

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