Devastated Boy Caught On Tape Chasing After Man Who Stole His Beloved Puppy

A young man and his three-month-old Jack Russell Terrier, Mela, were out for a stroll in Crewe, England, when a more established kid moved toward them. He started conversing with the young man and after that continued to get Mela, who was on a leash. The more seasoned kid began leaving with the little guy, as the young man immediately pursued behind him, endeavoring to keep up.

When they got to a corner, the more seasoned kid trusted that a vehicle will pass and after that kept running off with the pup.The young man pursued him while yelling “stop,” yet couldn’t make up for lost time. The lamentable minute was gotten on observation video.The young boy was extremely devastated and he and his family took to Facebook and created a page named ‘Bring Mela Home,’ to bring awareness of the incident in the hopes of finding Mela.

Aleksandra Pater, the boy’s father, posted on social media: The younger boy was my son and the dog was picked up without his permission. We had put some posters up in one of the high schools. We believe she is still alive.”And luckily, Pater was right!The Cheshire police announced the good news in a post on their Facebook page saying: “Great news!

We can confirm that Jack Russell Terrier puppy Mela is back home and safe and well with her family.”According to the ‘Bring Mela Home’ Facebook page, the family received a tip from a Good Samaritan, which led to finding Mela.The police are investigating and the search for the thief is still ongoing.

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