Wolf-Dog Barks At Stranger, Didn’t Recognize Military Dad He’s Been Missing

Indus, a two-year-old Husky/Malamute/Timber Wolf blend, hadn’t seen his military father, Devin Ekstom, for ten weeks while he was away for essential armed force training. Ekstom got the chance to get back home for the occasions, yet Indus had no clue that his human was going to get back home and astonishment him.

Devin’s wife, Morgan, caught the surprise reunion on video at Devin’s parent’s house in Northwood, New Hampshire, and it will give you all the feels.Indus turns around to see who he thinks is a stranger walking up his driveway and begins to bark at him. But as he walks closer and gets a whiff of his scent, he realizes that this is not a stranger at all, rather his soldier dad!

As soon as Indus realizes it’s him, he jumps on him and smothers him with kisses. He walks around in circles, wagging his tail, unable to contain his excitement.

While ten weeks may not seem like a long time for us, it felt like an eternity for Indus to be without his best friend. Devin was just as happy to see his furbaby again and said he felt happy and blown away by the love Indus gave him during their reunion.Watch the heartwarming moment they see each other again in the video below:

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