Orphaned Dog Pulled From Shelter Refuses To Let Go Of Rescuer’s Hand

Regan ended up at the sanctuary after her proprietor passed away, and abruptly she was in solitude on the planet. Everything was new and unnerving to the poor pooch, however fortunately it wouldn’t be long until the point that she had somebody she could trust in her life again.

“So this current young lady’s individual passed away and she got herself destitute,” said Kim Mozena Rezac, author of Goofy Foot Dog Rescue. “She was in our sanctuary for several days and I felt frustrated about her so I brought her home. How sweet is she?????”During her freedom ride, Regan thanked her rescuer by offering a paw to hold hands and refused to let go.

Somehow she knew exactly what was going on. “I think she felt secure in touching someone familiar,” Kim Mozena Rezac told TODAY. “She was so nervous and scared in the shelter but as soon as she jumped into my car she seemed so grateful.”

As if the story couldn’t get any better, Regan has already found a foster home! Her foster parents intend to adopt the four-year-old dog if things continue going well. In fact, her foster Dad calls Regan “his Valentine’s Day present” according to Kim. What do you think ?

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