Dog Watches Sister Get Ear Drops, Adorably Thinks He Needs Them Too

Lying is a bad thing — unless it’s done to make one of your dogs feel included! One of @chloecopley_05‘s dogs needs to take ear medicine, and Dad always gives the drops followed by some nice ear rubs. The other dog sees this and, not wanting to be left out, thinks he needs them too.The best part is that Dad plays along and fakes giving the good boy the ear drops. What’s more, as with the other pooch, he completes up with ear rubs for good measure. “All done!” Dad says after another well-done fakeout! Anything to keep our puppies upbeat, right?Dogs are faithful, as well as they are so lovable and fun that they make our lives finish and loaded up with happiness and giggling.

All the time they act like youthful kids who need to be embraced, and snuggled, and given all the consideration. Also, it isn’t so much that uncommon they get envious as well.When this pooch sees his sister getting ear drops and after that a decent back rub, he needs that as well, so he is calmly holding up in succession to get it from his daddy. Not wanting the other dog to feel left out, the dad comes up with the greatest idea ever. He pretends to put some drops in the other’s dog ears and then gives him the ear massage.  Now both dogs are perfectly happy and they love their daddy so much for he knows how to spoil them and make them content and satisfied.

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