What It Means When Dogs Tilt Their Head According To Science

We cherish our mutts so much yet they can be entirely peculiar some of the time. Once in a while they get things done and we have no clue why. We simply dismiss it as canines being hounds, however have you at any point asked why they really do these things? There are in reality unmistakable reasons why our mutts do abnormal things like sniff butts or hurry their butts over the cover.

1) Eating Grass

You’ll find that some dogs like to eat grass every now and again even though it makes them throw up. Though it may seem unhealthy, dogs might do this to improve digestion, treat intestinal worms, or fulfill a nutritional need like a lack of fiber.


2) Tilting Their Head

It’s not that your dog doesn’t understand you or that you’re particularly interesting, it’s that they can’t hear you. Experts say that dog’s tilt their head to adjust their outer ears so that they can focus on the location of sound.

3) Butt Sniffing

Humans shake hands… dogs sniff butts. A dog sniffing another’s butt is a dog’s way of saying “Hey, how ya doing? Nice to meet you.” It’s how they get to know you. Their sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than a human’s and scent can tell a lot about a person, especially when it’s from an area as smelly as a butt.

4) Eating Poop

Though this seems disgusting and bizarre, it’s actually a normal cleaning behavior in mother dogs. Some dogs without babies will eat poop in order to clean up their yard or kennel. Gross.

5) Stares At You

Your dog isn’t just being a leering weirdo, he wants a treat or some affection from you.


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