Mom Throws Toy For Husky, But His Little Friend Decides To Run After It Too

Mom’s playing fetch with Kuma the Husky. But when the dog chases after the toy he realizes he’s not the only one trying to play. Prepare yourself — this is adorable!Watch as Tora the kitten thinks about joining the game. The hesitant kitty almost goes after the toy a few times but wisely backs down as the Husky comes barreling through. Kuma loves his little cat sister, but he won’t let anyone or anything come between him and his favorite game.

Playing fetch is usually a dogs favourite thing to do, but it also looks like some cats find it entertaining as well! While Kuma is playing fetch with his owner, Tora the kitten wants to run after the toy as well! What a great way to get her exercise in for the day! Tora loves to join in with her friend Kuma, they always have a blast together! Near the end, it looks like Tora is starting to slow down, all the running from chasing the toy has definitely gotten to her, maybe it’s time for a nap! Kuma and Tora do many activities together! When they are apart, they are very sad! What an unlikely friendship these two have. Many people believe dogs and cats can’t get along, but after watching this video, we can clearly see that isn’t true! Kuma has always been a very anxious dog but Tora the kitten helped him out. These two also love taking photos together! They make so many great memories together! Their adventures aren’t going to end anytime soon, now that they are a family, they are inseparable! How precious is this?

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