They Reunite A Broken-Hearted Mom With Her Lost Babies

In December of a year ago, K9 Crusaders took in a puppy named Noelle, who had been surrendered and battered. She had been found in a high execute shield where she had been surrendered by somebody who professed to have discovered her as a stray, yet was taken from her destiny with the goal that she could begin another life.


What’s more, what a horrendous life she was coming from.It was clear that she had quite recently conceived an offspring, and her children had been unfeelingly tore far from her. She looked totally crushed, and her condition wasn’t any better, as she was sustaining her young doggies, yet nobody was encouraging her.

Wanting to make Noelle’s year a little better, the staff at K9 Crusaders, along with other shelters, decided to try and track down Noelle’s puppies for the holiday season.

It was much easier than you’d think, especially when the perpetrator puts the evidence of their misdeeds on the Internet.Someone noticed a highly suspicious ad on a buy and sell page, which included a photo of Noelle and her puppies.

The poster claimed that Noelle had passed away since giving birth, and that they were now trying to find homes for her puppies.It sounds innocent enough until you discover that it was posted by the same person who had left Noelle at the shelter to die. Talk about evil!Noelle finally got the Christmas she deserved when she was reunited with eight of her puppies.

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