Bulldog Throws Temper Tantrum In Car Seat

Dogs, cats, and babies are all a bit unpredictable when it comes to riding in the car. Some of them love going for a drive. Others are not nearly so happy. Simply take this cute French bulldog pup, Bosley. He’s not cheerful about being in the vehicle and he needs everybody to know it. Lamentably, Bosley can’t utilize words, so the world will never know precisely what upset him that day.

Possibly it was his cozy little vehicle situate (praise to his proprietor for ensuring he was protected out and about!). Perhaps the trek had continued for a really long time. At any rate, Bosley needed to tell everybody that he didn’t welcome the course his day was going. His proprietor figured out how to catch everything on record.

Bosley’s by all account not the only French bulldog in the vehicle. His sister Beatrice was also along for the ride. But she didn’t have nearly as many problems in the car as her brother did. Of course, some dogs have the opposite problem: they love riding in the car so much, they’re not interested in getting out when the ride is over. In this video, a dog is anxiously awaiting her owner to take her for a drive.

There’s only one problem: he’s not planning on going anywhere. “Where you wanna go, baby?” asks her owner as he opens the door to reveal the hopeful pup. “Daddy’s not going anywhere right now.”

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