Dog Stolen 4 Years Ago Finally Gets Reunited With Family

In December 2014, Barbara Milburn experienced one of the most noticeably bad days of her life. Criminals broke into her Tucson, Arizona home, and they stole her dearest three-year-old Yorkie Harley.Milburn was completely crushed by her misfortune. She set up huge amounts of signs and flyers, yet she didn’t hear any news about Harley.

“I cried. It was horrendous. It resembles losing a youngster. Every one of our creatures resemble our kids. Be that as it may, nothing. She never surfaced,” Milburn disclosed to KOLD.Milburn moved to Mississippi, yet she kept her old telephone number since that was the one enrolled to Harley’s microchip. She never surrendered expectation that she would be brought together with her dearest hound.Milburn’s daughter, Samantha Sandoval, hated seeing how much pain her mom was in.

Every year on the anniversary of Harley’s disappearance, Milburn would post a heartbreaking tribute to her dog on Facebook. “I just didn’t want to see it. She was so sad, every year,” Sandoval said.Finally, on December 21, 2018, Milburn got the news she had been waiting for. A shelter in Tucson, Pima Animal Care Center, had found a Yorkie running around on the streets.

They took her in and scanned her microchip, and Milburn’s number came up. The shelter called Milburn and told her they had a Yorkie registered to her name. Milburn was shocked and thrilled. Finally, her baby was safe!Milburn’s daughter still lived in Tucson, and so she went to pick up little Harley. As soon as Sandoval and Harley got home, Sandoval FaceTimed with her mom.

Milburn teared up when she saw Harley for the first time in so long. Milburn couldn’t wait to get to Tucson and see Harley in person!Four days after Sandoval picked up Harley, Milburn arrived in Tucson for Christmas. Harley was so excited to see her mom! After the holidays, Milburn will Harley back with her to Mississippi. We’re sure that Harley will be very happy in her new state with her beloved mom.

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