Dog Steals Money From Owner’s Purse To ‘Buy’ Treats

For whatever reason, Holly has loved money since she was a tiny pup. It all started when the dog stole money from her mom, Casi Cook. “She would always go in our bags and take out money,” Cook told “We were scared that she would eat it, so we bribed her with treats so she would put down the money.” This stuck with Holly. Trade dollar bills for treats? Good deal! This was one arrangement mom was not escaping from. “You want a cookie? Go get a dollar!” Holly now thinks money equals food.

The money-loving dog has saved up $90, and she’s ready to trade it in for some tasty snacks! Not only is this unusually cute, two important things were accomplished: it prevented Holly from eating the money and taught this dog the true value of a dollar!Holly currently thinks cash rises to nourishment. The cash adoring puppy has set aside $90, and she’s prepared to exchange it in for some delectable bites! Not exclusively is this strangely adorable, two critical things were practiced: it kept Holly from eating the cash and showed this pooch the genuine estimation of a dollar! Tell us what do you think about it ?

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