Despite Warnings From The Shelter, Couple Drives Six Hours To Adopt Sad Dog

Jessica Williams and her boyfriend, Jared, had just moved into their pet-friendly apartment. But she just couldn’t wait a few more months until her birthday to get a dog — she had to have one now. And it was even easier to justify that when she saw the saddest little face of a dog who needed someone right away.The pooch was Benji, a stray who was grabbed in Los Angeles and taken to a major city protect.

An insect hypersensitivity made him lose the vast majority of his hide, and he was so anxious and terrified of everything.The poor little canine was not taking care of the asylum life well by any stretch of the imagination. He had been there for 10 days and would growl and snap at individuals as they strolled by. Jessica realized she couldn’t abandon him there and needed to get him out.

So the couple made the six-hour drive from their home in Sacramento to Los Angeles. When they arrived and enlightened the staff regarding the canine they were keen on receiving, the specialists were stunned. The staff realized the canine required heaps of consideration and preparing and even had a go at talking the couple out of receiving Benji.

But Jessica and Jared didn’t want to hear any of that.“The shelter also told us he wasn’t friendly and refused to take us into a calm waiting area to get to know him because ‘he wouldn’t be a dog that would come over to us to be cuddly.’ We knew that he had a high possibility of being euthanized and didn’t want him to die,” Jessica told The Dodo. But when the couple met Benji, it only solidified their decision to take him home. They signed the adoption papers and readied for their journey.

During the car ride, Benji was nervous as expected. But when they got home, the dog acted exactly the way the shelter described he would. He was withdrawn and didn’t seem to be interested in anything or anyone. But it was just a few days later when something amazing happened.Benji’s story just goes to show that sometimes all a shelter dog needs is one chance. It’s not fair to judge them based on their personalities at the shelter. A shelter dog just needs a reason to smile.

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