Tiny Chihuahua Picks A Fight He Can’t Win, But Big Brother Is The Gentlest Giant

There’s nothing cuter than two dogs romping around and playing together. But it’s even better when it’s a David versus Goliath type of showdown! The video you’re going to watch is the most lovable thing you’ll see today.

The American Bulldog is simply lying on the floor tending to his very own concerns when the valiant Chihuahua assaults! Fortunately, the pooches are closest companions, and the Bulldog is the greatest delicate mammoth ever.The clunking sound of the little Chihuahua’s neckline as he bounces around just improves it! What’s more, you gotta love the way the Bulldog apathetically (and cautiously!) plays along to satisfy his younger sibling.The video you’re about to watch is the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

The American Bulldog is just lying on the floor minding his own business when the fearless Chihuahua attacks! Luckily, the dogs are best friends, and the Bulldog is the biggest gentle giant ever.The clinking sound of the tiny Chihuahua’s collar as he hops around only makes it better! And you gotta love how the Bulldog lazily (and carefully!) plays along to please his little brother.

This just goes to show that being a certain breed doesn’t make a dog aggressive. As long as dogs are raised correctly, they’re the sweetest and most loyal companions ever. And this Bulldog certainly is one of the most lovable dogs you’ll ever see!

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