Fireman Rescues Scared Husky From Roof, Dog Has The Sweetest Way Of Saying ‘Thank You’

There are always life events that we hope to never happen to us, but unfortunately, it would be impossible to prevent all of them. Luckily though, we can usually get help. Firefighters are one of the everyday heroes in our community that are always here for us during tough times. In this case, there was an animal that needed to be desperately rescued. One puppy explicitly ended up in somewhat of a quandary. Neighbors in Wells, Maine started to freeze when they found the enormous, 10-year-old Husky who passes by the name of Jasper on a rooftop.

By one way or another the fairly huge puppy figured out how to move out onto the window and onto the rooftop and was experiencing difficulty getting back inside. Either the window shut close or nobody was home to perceive what the canine had done, however one thing was without a doubt: he was great and stuck on that housetop, which was around 15 feet up high. As neighbors found this odd event, they normally ended up stressed and called the Wells Police, who at that point sent the Wells Professional Firefighters Association.

Upon entry, the firefighters had the capacity to affirm that for sure, Jasper was in somewhat of a bind. However, the canine wasn’t communicating any indications of concern. He was by all accounts really quiet and substance generally. “The call came in for a puppy stuck on a rooftop. My first idea was on the top of a vehicle, however I didn’t actually recognize what was happening,” said Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department. “Myself and another firefighter who was there with me settled on the choice that we would stepping stool the working independent from anyone else and that we would put the canine inside.”Captain Nawfel ended up being the hero of this story.

While the group brought a stepping stool truck, he wound up just climbing a step up to the rooftop. When he was there, he helped the pooch discover his way back inside through the window. Yet, pause, it improves. Jasper was so appreciative for Captain Nawfel’s courageous protect, he really expressed gratitude toward him in the cutest way that could be available, and it has the whole going crazy. The puppy expressed gratitude toward the firefighter with one major, messy, wet kiss! “Friendly hound. Kinda gave me a kiss in transit in the house and that was its finish and I descended the step,” Nawfel said. The fire division shared the story on their Facebook page and from that point onward, the kiss completely went fire.News outlets everywhere were reaching out to Captain Nawfel for comment.

It’s crazy that a story so small could stir up the internet so much, with all of the crazy news that breaks every single day. “It floors me that, out of anything going on, this has gotten the attention that it has. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy,” Nawfel said. “You know there’s always the thought of the firemen going to rescue the cat out of the trees… it’s the ongoing thing. But a dog on the roof is a first.” Jasper’s owners, whoever they are, must be happy that not only is their pup safe, but he’s also famous! What a relief to see this dog is safe. And the way he expressed his attitude was the absolute sweetest. Watch the full interaction in the clip below and make sure to share this heart-warming story with someone who needs a little happiness in their life today!

Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel was able to save this beautiful dog who managed to get out onto his roof and got stuck. Thanks Captain Nawfel. Video by Officer Steve McDonaldWells Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4652

Posted by Wells Maine Police on Sunday, May 27, 2018

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