Loyal Dog Survived A Car Accident And Found His Family

The old saying that dogs are man’s best friend always proves itself right again and again. When we adopt a dog, give it food and open our hearts to it, the bond that we create is often incredibly strong. While it’s conspicuous how much our creature sidekicks adore us when we’re near, it might be significantly increasingly evident when we get isolated, whatever the purpose behind the division might be. In one strange story out of Tennessee, this was appeared to be valid yet again.

 It all started when Kathy Wilkes Meyers saw something in favor of the parkway. Since Wilkes Meyers is an individual from the Love Me Tender Animal Rescue gathering, she’s unquestionably no outsider to managing stray pooches. All things considered, something about this one appeared to be changed. The creature being referred to was a Rottweiler who seemed as though it had been starving for quite a while. In light of the canine’s conduct, Wilkes Meyers imagined that it was definitely not a stray.

“I would simply tell immediately she was someone’s infant,” she said. “She simply didn’t act like a stray canine to me.” With that as a primary concern, she chose to take the puppy in. Although she was glad to think about the pooch herself, Wilkes Meyers was as yet inquisitive about where the canine originated from. To make sense of things, she returned to the interstate where she found the canine to search for pieces of information.

In the discard, she saw some broken glass and a bit of a taillight—clear proof of an ongoing fender bender.As she thought back, she realized that she’d seen a car accident on the same stretch of highway about two weeks back. She walked further into the forest at the edge of the highway for more clues. What she found there was enough to break her heart. In the tall weeds, the dog had been gathering all kinds of personal items that belonged to her family. All the things in the pile seemed to be things that came out of the car crash, all gathered in a pile to provide comfort. Clearly, the dog had been sitting patiently and hoping that her family would come back for her. “She was hoping her family would come back,” Wilkes Meyers said. “But they couldn’t.”

Still, she went through the items in the pile and saw a candle with the name Michelle on it. To get more answers, Wilkes Meyers called the highway patrol for more information.Needless to say, the family could not have been happier to see their sweet little baby. The dog’s name was Ella and the reunion was just as sweet as anyone could imagine. The family in question were Joe and Michelle Kelly and their three children. When they were all reunited, Ella gave them all so many kisses—the family was finally back together again. “I didn’t think we were gonna make it out [of the accident],” Joe said. “I’m lucky to be sitting here with my family.” Still, there was one more wrinkle in the reunion.

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