Guilty Dog ‘Coughs Up’ Evidence, Has Internet In Stitches

Dogs are man’s best friend. When you adopt a dog, they become an integral part of your life; this adorable creature has now become your furry child to love and care for.Unfortunately, like real parenting relationships, dogs will often try to trick you when they know they’ve done something wrong. In this case, however, one dog came clean in the most hilarious way.

In the video, you see a canine named Sabin outting himself with some genuinely noteworthy evidence.It appears Sabin’s proprietor had abandoned her sandwich unattended while she left the room. The sandwich was huge, scrumptious, and succulent—stacked with thick cuts of meat and cheddar. When Sabin got a whiff of the taboo natural product, he realized he required a taste.  at the outset, the little guy just sniffed the sandwich from a remote place, however soon he couldn’t control himself, pushing the whole thing in his mouth.At this correct minute, his proprietor returns.

Presently, sign the camera. The video begins after the owner realizes her sandwich is missing. It appears she and Sabin are the only ones around, so it’s really not hard to figure out who took it. “Where’s my sandwich, Sabin?” asks the owner.

Knowing he’s been caught, Sabin immediately takes on a facade of innocence. He looks around, giving a “Who, me?” expression towards the camera, before turning his head away. The poor pup can’t even meet his owner’s eyes— but when he turns his head, she makes a revelation. When Sabin turns his head, his owner can immediately see a giant lump in his cheek.

“What’s in your mouth?” she asks, poking the bulge. “Are you hiding my sandwich in your mouth right now?!”Upon being hit by the barrage of questions, Sabin decides to give up the act. He’s clearly not going to get away with this petty theft, and now it’s time to clean. Leaning over, Sabin opens his mouth, letting the entire unchewed sandwich fall out. “There it is, okay,” responds the owner. It seems the case of the missing sandwich has officially been solved.

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