Owner tries to wake dog up at 3:30am, Pup back talks

When the alarm clock goes off and it’s time to rise and shine, we all want just ‘five more minutes’ of sleep. Morning comes so fast, doesn’t it? A Great Dane puppy in Michigan is taking the Internet by storm with his early morning back talk.The poor pup just wants a few more minutes of sleep, but his owners want him to wake up.

There are things to do, chores to tend to, and well, the pup is having no part of it.As his owner calls “Thor, time to get up,” Thor grumbles and mumbles as if to say “noooooo!”“Let’s go,” Thor is told. If you listen closely enough, it sounds like Thor says, “no” in his deep-toned voice.The morning antics go on and on, with Thor rolling, slouching down, and even going belly up.

Just when it appears Thor is going to rise and shine, you must see what he does instead.But we humans aren’t the only ones who would rather stay under the covers for a few extra hours. Just check out this adorable Great Dane puppy, who is anything but happy when his owner rudely awakens him at 3:30 in the morning. The look on his face and the sound of his voice are both totally relatable.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that as of this writing, this hilarious video has racked up more than 17 million views on YouTube. How rude of his owner to wake him up like that in the middle of the night! Share this video if you also think that this dog’s reaction was just perfect.

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