Rescue Pit Bull’s First Snack Gives Him A Serious Case Of The Zoomies

Since Hooch the Pit Bull was freed from shelter life he likes nothing better than to let loose and run and roll in the grass in his huge backyard! Watch as Hooch gets a serious case of the “zoomies” and can’t contain his excitement at his newfound freedom. He zips around so fast that his human has hard time keeping the camera on him.

A pit bull named Finn was raised in a dog fighting ring and never got to experience the little things in life such as cuddles and treats. But the sweet dog was rescued from these horrific conditions and brought to a place where he would be treated the way a puppy should be treated. Below you get to witness The Mighty Finn receive his very first snack, and he’s so excited he doesn’t even know what to do with himself!

His caretakers hand him a piece of pizza crust, and the pit bull has an instant case of the zoomies! He’s flying around all over the room almost running into the walls in celebration of this new taste. He can’t believe such a thing exists! It’s amazing to see this dog in the right hands now and loving life. Here’s to many more pizza crusts in his future!Share this former shelter dog’s moment of bliss with your friends and family!

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