Stray Dog Saves Woman From Robbery

No more proof is needed that dogs are amazing – but here’s a clip of a heroic dog showing how brave they can be. Incredible footage shows the dog leaping into action to defend a woman from a robber. The video, filmed in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, shows a man in a yellow hoody following a woman walking along a road.

The match walk around the pooch, which is accepted to be a stray. When the man snatches the lady from behind, the puppy surges over to help. The lady is compelled to the ground as the man endeavors to take her pack, however he is quickly assaulted by the creature. In the clasp, the canine seems to bounce up and nibble the man’s bottom, making him forsake the burglary and run away.

Not yet fulfilled, the pooch pursues the man off, giving him one last chomp at the lower leg as the man races out of shot. The video was posted on the Facebook group Podgoricki Vremeplov, a group for people living in the city. People were full of praise for the animal, including one man who posted a photo of a dog with the caption: ‘Hero of the day.’

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