Golden Retriever So Happy To Have Dad Home, He Helps Carry All Of His Stuff In

There’s nothing like coming home to a dog who’s happy to see you. The excitement and joy they show upon seeing you again is one of the best feelings in all the world! They run around, wag their tails, and jump on you to plant some kisses and to smell where you’ve been this entire time without them.

And for the Golden Retriever in the video below, he’s so thrilled to have Dad back that he helps him with all of his stuff! Toby is a “good working dog” as Mom says. The Golden Retriever makes sure to be the very first to greet Dad and extends a helping paw! Dad hands over a bag, and the dog is happy to haul it into the garage all the way over to Mom. And then Toby goes back for more! The faster he gets Dad into the house, the faster they can get back to treats and pats and other doggy things.

There’s in no way like getting back home to a canine who’s glad to see you. The energy and euphoria they appear after observing you again is extraordinary compared to other sentiments in all the world! They circled, sway their tails, and bounce on you to plant a few kisses and to smell where you’ve been this whole time without them.

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