Pit Bull Puppy Chained In The Snow Has Her Cries For Help Answered By A Cop

A pit bull is helping to create a new image for her breed. Kiah was rescued from abusive conditions and trained to be a K9 officer. She’s one of the first pit bulls to become a police dog and the first one in New York State. She’s now part of the Poughkeepsie Police Department and she also serves as a breed ambassador. When she’s not out fighting crime, she’s fighting stereotypes about pit bulls.Pit bulls have an unfair reputation and are often labeled as “vicious” and “aggressive.”

This generalization exists on account of some awful proprietors, yet in all actuality pit bulls are not normally forceful — they are the same than some other pooch. Be that as it may, there’s a puppy named Kiah who’s attempting to change the whole impression of her breed. Also, she gets the opportunity to do as such in light of a great cop.

Kiah was discovered binded outside exposed as a doggie, dismissed and alone. She was protected by a cop who knew precisely how to manage her. Kiah passed her preparation with the most astounding imprints and turned out to be New York’s first K9 pit bull! Despite everything she’d been through, she’s the sweetest and smartest dog.

The dog is loved by the community and is helping to convince the public that pit bulls are just like any other dog. And they can be police dogs too! Kiah and Justin make a great team! Not only are they fighting crime, they are fighting the prejudices that surround the pit bull breed.


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