Dog Finds New Bed A Little Lumpy, Cat Finds It Lacking Too

Pet cams can be an extraordinary way keep watch on our textured friends and family to ensure they are alright. What’s more, now and again they can uncover a clever minute, as one pet parent in Okinawa, Japan found when they looked into their pet cam film. Mia the German Shepherd had recently gotten another bed. In any case, it was Chewy the feline who chosen to give it a shot first.

Not having any desire to share out the comfortable new rest spot, Chewy energetically swats Mia’s rear. But Mia isn’t as well staged. She’s more preoccupied with looking at the door and seeing if her human might be coming in to say good night to notice she is sitting right down on Chewy!

The pet parent told ViralHog Mia decided to sit on the cat: “My German Shepherd, Mia, got a new bed, but Chewy, my cat, took it. When my dog approached the bed, the cat tried to attack, but Mia didn’t care and decided to sit on Chewy. It’s filmed on a pet cam.”

But really, Mia looks confused about Chewy’s squirming. After Chewy pulls himself out from under Mia, Mia looks over as if to tell Chewy “What? Did something happen?” In response, Chewy turns his head and looks directly up at the surveillance camera. It’s as if the cat knows he’s on camera and asking why the hell didn’t his human come to his rescue.

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