Little Girl Tries Teaching Her Gentle Giant To Sit For Treats

Dogs make the best companions for little kids growing up. Especially when they’re gentle giants like the one in the video below! The little girl has seen this trick done before and wants to try it out herself. The only problem is that the dog doesn’t speak baby!  With a treat in hand, the girl calls for her huge dog to sit. When the dog finally makes the connection, he sits like a good boy and awaits his reward. The little girl is so happy when it works, she lets out a squeal of joy! I’d say this lifelong friendship is off to a great start.

How about you?“Sit…sit sit!” she urges her big spotted buddy, tippy-toeing on her tiny feet, while the single blond curl on the top of her head bounces with equal excitement. She wields the doggy biscuit around, enticing the dog to comply, but he just stands there in confusion, as if he doesn’t understand baby language. One thing he does understand though – that treat is for him and there has to be a way for him to get to it. Then mom steps in. “Tell him to sit down,” she tells her little trainer in training.

The girl waves that treat around and gives a clear command one last time. Voila, it worked! The Great dane complies, takes a couple of steps back and sits down. Success! Now, she needs to pass one more lessons, and that is not to throw the treat to the dog, but give it to him politely and pet him on the head too. The dog does not seem all that bothered, because he did have to wait for that biscuit for whole 60 seconds! That is a very long time for a big, hungry dog. While on the subject of little girls and their big dogs, we just have to mention Sierra. There are two reasons why this has to happen and they are named Samson and Sebastian. The dynamic trio is never up to any good. That is, unless, Sierra has set her mind on training her big, brawny dogs in some manners.


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