Stray Who Rescuers Thought Was Ready To Give Birth At Any Moment Turns Out To Be Male

A ‘real-life Lassie’ led rescuers to her ten puppies she had given birth to in an abandoned barn. Krystle Woodward, 33, from Fowler, California runs the Pinky Paws ResQ, a non-profit animal rescue centre, and was determined to help the stray she named Betty Boop. But, the canine kept escaping and eventually led her rescuers to the litter of puppies that she had been running off to feed.


Rescuers thought they saw a very pregnant female stray ready to give birth at any moment. But it turned out they were wrong. Very wrong. They followed the dog back to an abandoned garage, and that’s when they realized the dog was actually a male.The dog was full of fluid from severe heartworms giving him the look of a pregnant female. He would need help right away, or he would die of heart failure.

The good boy was so happy to see them, so it wasn’t hard at all to help him.RJ headed to the trauma center where the vet team was ready to help upon arrival. They were able to drain seven liters of abdominal fluid that accumulated due to his heart failure. The good news is that RJ is expected to make a full recovery!

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